This is how to find out blood type

It's only natural for everyone to know their own blood type. This is important, if at any time a person needs a blood transfusion. How to find out blood type can be through blood type tests conducted at a clinic or hospital. Blood type test is an examination carried out to determine a person's blood type. By knowing your own blood type, you can donate blood or receive blood transfusions safely. In addition, those of you who are married and planning to have children are also encouraged to know your own blood type and blood rhesus as well as your partner. Rhesus (Rh) is a special protein (D antigen) found on the surface of red blood cells. People who are Rh positive (Rh +), have rhesus antigens. Conversely Rh negative (Rh-) does not have rhesus antigens. Complications can occur when a mother with Rh- contains a fetus with Rh + blood. Different rhesus conditions can threaten the safety of the fetus. Various Blood Types Blood type is determined by the type of antigen in red b
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